Your Way to Fitting Excellence

The only complete modular EMR and Noah integrated fitting solution with audiometry, probe microphone measurement (PMM), hearing instrument testing and video otoscopy.

  • EasyFit™ streamlined fitting protocol makes it fast and easy to achieve optimal client outcomes
  • Wireless design eliminates cables and provides for an improved client and clinician experience
  • Binaural simultaneous measurements - including RECD - enables faster fitting and verification
  • OnTarget™ allows NAL-NL2 and DSL v5.0 targets to be met instantly
  • Feature-2-Benefit mode provides a better understanding of advanced hearing instrument features
  • QuickSIN™ and Loudness Scaling to quantify pre and post fitting outcome measures

AURICAL from Otometrics, is a complete modular solution designed to streamline your fitting workflow.

  • AURICAL AUD : the world’s only true fitting audiometer with Real Ear Measurements
  • AURICAL FreeFit : a wireless and binaural Probe Microphone Measurement (PMM) unit with four unique elements for precise fitting and client counseling
  • AURICAL HIT : A Hearing Instrument Testing box with a small footprint and strong feature set
  • OTOsuite : software gives you a single point-of-entry to hearing assessment and fitting
  • The OTObase software increases efficiency and productivity through EMR-ready patient data handling within


New! ProbeTube Assistant™ now available with OTOsuite 4.81

A new assistant in AURICAL® guides you with onscreen instructions to the correct position of the probe tube. Add the ProbeTube Assistant to your existing AURICAL with the new OTOsuite® 4.81 and a license key. AURICAL also offers ear hooks and longer probe tubes with easy-to-see millimeter markings for easier and more stable placement. Learn more

Product Brochure

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