Easy to Use Handheld Screener for Patients of All Ages

The MADSEN Alpha OAE and Alpha OAE+ from Otometrics, are touch-screen handheld hearing screening devices that are intuitive and easy-to-use. A built-in probe check cavity ensures testing accuracy by allowing the screener to check the probe in an instant. The Child Mode includes a video designed to engage the child’s attention during the test. To learn more at Otometrics site; please click here.

The starting point to better hearing health

The MADSEN Alpha OAE is DPOAE only. It includes a single predefined screening protocol that will produce pass/refer results in seconds.

The MADSEN Alpha OAE+ offers eight protocols - seven predefined DPOAE screening protocols and one TEOAE protocol. It comes with a docking station for charging and includes a Print-to-PDF feature.

An optional label printer is available for both models.

Key Product Features:

  • Hand-held OAE screener with large touchscreen display for ease of use
  • Child Mode displays cartoon to engage child during calibration and testing (cartoon mode can be disabled)
  • Built-in probe test cavity to ensure system integrity
  • Ability to test children with PE tubes or perforations
  • Tester feedback for high noise levels & noted on printout for refer results
  • MADSEN Alpha OAE & Alpha OAE+ test results can be printed from a label printer
  • MADSEN Alpha OAE+ test results comes with a Print-to-PDF tool and can be printed from a PC
  • MADSEN Alpha has one predefined OAE protocol testing 2-5 kHz using 65-55 dB SPL
  • MADSEN Alpha OAE+ has eight predefined OAE protocols that includes a TEOAE protocol
  • A large selection of ear tips in both silicone and foam
  • MADSEN Alpha OAE stores 50 tests; MADSEN Alpha OAE+ stores 250 tests

Product Brochure

Thumbnail MADSEN Alpha OAE Brochure

Product Brochure

Thumbnail MADSEN Alpha OAE Brochure